Q. How does AutomaticViral work?
A. AutomaticViral works by sending you Instagram likes within minutes of uploading a picture or video on Instagram, automatically. We’ve developed a system that constantly monitors your account to look for any new media you may have uploaded.
Q. How many pictures or videos can I upload each day?
A. In order to prevent abuse, we have to limit the maximum number of posts that we send likes to for each user. For all plans, the limit is 4 uploads per day. Any additional images will not be eligible to receive automatic likes. However, you can still use the credit system to send likes to any uploads on your Instagram account!

If you signed up through a third party affiliate (e.g., Buzzoid), this limit is 40 uploads per month instead.
Q. How often can I change my username?
A. We know that users sometimes change their username or move to a new Instagram account. We've added the option for you to change the username associated with your account. Keep in mind, you can only change your username once every 48 hours.
Q. Why does my account have to be set to public?
A. In order for our system to deliver your likes properly, your account must be set to public. However, if you still would like to keep your account private, there is a workaround. Set your account to public when registering and back to private after completion. From then on you just have to set your account to public for about 5-10 minutes after you upload your media.
Q. Will my account get banned or disabled?
A. Absolutely not! The methods we use are completely safe and through our years of experience, not a single user has been banned because of our service.
Q. Do I need to give you my password?
A. Not at all. All we require from you is your username. It’s as simple as that.
Q. How fast will I receive my likes after I upload a picture or video?
A. Within minutes, literally! Our system picks up any new media you may have uploaded very quickly.
Q. Do you offer automatic followers?
A. Not yet but we will soon.
Q. What is your refund policy?
A. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!
Q. How do I cancel my subscription?
A. Cancelling your account is painless. Simply go to your Account Settings and click “Cancel Account”. After your account is cancelled, you will not be billed again. Your subscription will remain active until your next payment is due. This date will be shown on your billing page. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us.